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Why I've built an alternative to Github

We all love Github. Github changed the way we share code and contribute to open source. At the same time, we also need a place where we can put our private repositories.

I have at least 40 private repositories, and I don't want to expend $100 on Github's business plan. These projects are mainly side projects, or small freelance jobs I've done through the years, and I want to save them for posterity; who knows when I'll need them, right?

I also tried to manage my repositories on my own server and Dropbox, but it was too much of a hassle to do it manually.

Sure there are Github alternatives. Lots of them. But they're basically trying to do what Github does greatly, without so much success. And that's why I decided to build my own alternative.

Codeplane is meant to be simple. I don't need a source browser; I can do it from my text editor. You'll get 2GB and can use it to store as many repositories as you can. No count limits on repositories or users. And just one price: $9.

I also wanted to do almost everything from my terminal, so I built a CLI, that you can use to manage repositories, public keys and collaborators. For daily usage, you probably won't have to go to our web interface ever again, and that's awesome!

There are some people that think just like me. And they're loving Codeplane. You should give it a try!

Best wishes,
Nando Vieira